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he would «ret them, lie led before us 300 elephants, 12,000 horses
and 1,00,000 loot, and said: ' Make uas of them as you deem
fit/ When we su^r the troops) -we were greatly surprised. To
provide ourselves with Karuataka mahouts and riders with a view
to wa^e war upon the 3Inssalnians in future, we place Kabhili,
3Iora?:t and Tulnva troopers in charge of the 12.000 horse."
Praising (Saluva Tiznmarasa) in this manner, he distributed*
12?000 horses and 500 elephants among (the troopers) and the
iniihottta, aail fixed their salaries and allowances.f In order to
supervise the proper distribution of provender, lie appointed
four pUrupatyaftaras* sis karanas. sixteen anyajads* and mudupu-
ynllaft over the stables, and issued an incontrovertible order
that the daily expenses (of the establishment) should be borne
by the treasury. He also appointed a body of karanas to
regulate (the payment) oŁ the monthly salary of 1,00,000
nallapraja. The Raya was greatly pleased, and said within
himself. " Lordship and sovereignty have indeed been
established to-day. Moreover all the amaragars willingly
made over the 500 elephants and 12,000 horses at a price with-
out considering1 that any injustice was done to them. If we
consider the valae of the elephants, at the rate of 6,000 vzrahas
per animal, it amounts to 1,20,000 varahas for twenty animals,
and to 30,00,000 varahas to 50 ghats ; the value of horses, at the
rate of 500 varahas per horse amounts to 2,00,000 varahas
per thousand, and 24,00,000 varahas for 12,000 horses. He
(Saluva Timmarasa) brought within a moment, as it were, an
income of 51,00,000 varaJias to the state from these elephants
and horses.

, pp. 23-45.


Protect the people, without losing patience at any time.
Pay heed to the cry of the injured and redress their
grievances. Do not entrust the execution of the (state) work
to the wicked.

"Tie origin*! fcas vettafyt* which means to spend.
fTfct original fcas &rikc.   The won* is obsolete and its meaning is not